The cost of replacing missing teeth and your options

When it comes to the cost of replacing missing teeth, you have a number of options including dentures, dental bridges or teeth implants (often called dental implants). We will help you calculate the cost of the number of dental implants needed and the most affordable options to pay for the treatment.

Denture or false teeth cost
Dentures, commonly known as false teeth are the cheapest short-term option but require replacing every few years, so become the most expensive in the long-term. Dentures have a detrimental effect on your gums supporting surrounding teeth, leading to further tooth loss and more dental treatments. Learn more about the pros and cons for Denture or false teeth

Dental bridge cost
The cost of dental bridges is similar to a dental implant but often require cutting down adjacent healthy teeth to hold and link the missing tooth. This can risk the health of surrounding teeth and lead to more dental work. Additionally, while bridges are fixed, they need replacing over time. The frequency of replacement depends on hygiene and lifestyle factors such as smoking and sugar intake.

Dental implant cost
Implants are shown to be the best long-term option having a 97-99% success over 15 years. Additionally, the initial cost can be spread over the length of the treatment. So over the long-term they are by the cheapest. Learn more about dental implants.

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Replacement of a single tooth cost

*Free CT scan only if you proceed with treatment at first appointment

Affordable Dental Implant treatment

Many people worry about the cost of implants, and so we have devised a number of payment plans to help you afford the right treatment.

Teeth Implants cost £1.70 per day with our finance options.

Replacement of multiple teeth cost

All on 4 dental implants cost

Cost of dental implants – Making Dental Implants Affordable at Parrock Dental

Dental Implants Price List
Implant Coordinator – Non Clinical ConsultationFree
High Definition 3D CT Scan (per jaws)From £200/ Free*
Careful Removal of a Single ToothFrom £200
Replacement of a Single Tooth
value dental implantFrom £1650
Finest dental implantFrom £2500
Replacement of Multiple Teeth:
3 Teeth on 2 implants£7,000
5 Teeth on 3 implants£8,000
All upper or lower teeth with Removable bridgeFrom £10,000
All upper or lower teeth with fixed bridgeFrom £15,000
All upper and lower teeth with fixed bridgeFrom £30,000
Stabilisation of loose lower dentures with implants:
Using existing denturesFrom £4500
Requiring a new lower denturesFrom £6000
Bone RegenerationFrom £300 – £400
Expert Sedation serviceFrom £350 per hour

(*If have a scan and proceed with tx at first appointment)

Christine’s full mouth implants & fixed bridgework treatment review

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A common question asked about Dental Implants is “How much does a dental implant cost?” While a basic implant is typically £1650 to £2500, this is a difficult question to answer as it depends on how many you need and your own circumstances. You can receive a detailed, individual and fully-costed treatment plan by calling us on 01474 537191 or book a callback online now.

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