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Parrock Dental Offers Same Day Teeth Treatment With Dental Implants All On 4

Same Day Teeth in Kent

The “Same Day Teeth” concept is the answer to many patients’ problems when faced with a failing front tooth.

The technique allows for the careful removal of the failing tooth, placement of a dental implant and provision of a replacement crown all in one visit usually lasting one hour or less.

A permanent laboratory-made crown is fitted three months later.

The Same Day Teeth technique at Parrock Dental in Kent is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that removes the need to wear a denture or suffer a gap. It can be used whether a tooth is about to be lost or has been lost for some time.

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Same Day Tooth/ Teeth Concept can benefit patients who:

  • Wear a single-tooth denture or with a few teeth
  • Have a failing crown or bridge.
  • Have a single or multiple tooth fracture.
  • Have recurrent infections around a tooth/ teeth.
  • Need a solution when the only other options are to wear a denture or have a gap.
Parrock Dental is able to offer this advanced treatment when most other Clinics are not. This is because our Royal College of Surgeons qualified implantologist is highly trained with the use of advanced 3d imaging facilities and our extensive inventory of implant equipment. Patients experience minimal discomfort, no sutures and exceptional satisfaction ratings with this treatment, along with the ability to carry on with busy lives with minimal dental appointments.

This concept can also be extended if several teeth are missing to give patients Same day teeth in one visit for example where a thee or four unit bridge has failed.

Same day tooth Kent

We charge a fully inclusive fee for “Tooth Now”

Stage One:

  • Three dimensional imaging (CT scan) of treatment area
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Implant placement including facilities, surgeon’s fees and implant costs.
  • Provisional crown restoration inclusive of implant components.
  • Aftercare during healing period.
Stage Two:

  • Clinical and laboratory work associated with provision of definitive long-term ceramic crown restoration (for this fixed price please quote web offers at the time of booking the first appointment)

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How much does dental implant treatment cost

We know that some people think implant treatment is expensive and search the internet for the cheapest option, but when you consider how implant surgery can change your life, would you really want it done by the cheapest bidder?

A common statement about Dental Implants is “They are quite expensive”.  A implant can cost you as little as just £1.67 a day, which is cheaper than a cup of coffee!!

Full cost is based on how many you need and your own circumstances.  You can receive a detailed, individual and fully-costed treatment plan by calling us on 01474 537191 or book a callback online now.

*Free consultation with our treatment co-ordinator.


*Free CT scan only if you proceed with treatment at first appointment

Affordable Dental Implant treatment

Many people worry about the cost of implants, and so we have devised a number of payment plans to help you afford the right treatment. Teeth Implants cost £1.67 per day with our finance options.

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Learn the pros and cons for Dentures or false teeth and if they are cheaper than dental implants. 


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Failed front teeth – Same day tooth Tom

Tom Dental Implant Review Kent
Name: Tom

Age: 29

Occupation: Quantity Surveyor

Problem: Failed front teeth requiring removal

Treatment: Same day tooth

Treatment period: 4 months

Tom came to Parrock dental with a view to improve the look of his discoloured teeth.He had damaged both the front teeth when he was 18 playing Rugby and then recently had done the same thing again, causing discolouration of one tooth, and the crown on the other to keep falling out. He was recommended to come and visit Parrock Dental by his wife to see if he could get a fixed solution to this problem, and did not want to be left with a gap in the meantime. He opted to have same day dental implants as a fixed solution to his failing teeth and he was really happy with the results.
“ I was recommended to come here by my wife, I was really happy with the service, it is a very pleasant place to be. Rik was very friendly, he talked me through all the steps and what would happen in regards to my treatment. I felt very confident. Everyone I know has seen my new smile and said it’s made an amazing difference to my confidence. I used to smile with closed lips and now I smile a full smile! I am very pleased with the overall service I received with the service I received at Parrock dental! ”

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