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All on 4 Dental Implants

The All-On-4 treatment is used when the patient has very few or no teeth at all. The name describes how 4 implants are inserted into the bone to support a full set of permanent, natural looking teeth.

Benefits of All-On-4 Treatment:

  • Free CT Scans worth £400*
  • Parrock Dental uses the highest standards so implants last more than 10 years
  • Friendly, caring staff who will put you at ease in comfortable surroundings
  • 0% APR for 12 month finance plan
  • Qualified, specialised dentists trained to deal with anxieties and dental phobias.
  • We’ve completed more than 7,000 implants
  • Treatments can be done under sedation
  • Same day implants available

*Free CT scans if treatment booked during your initial consultation & interest option available subject to status

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All On 4 Dental Implants Treatment Kent

Christine’s full mouth All on 4 dental implant review

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Cost of PD Smile Dental Implants

With such a life changing event as dental implants, we believe that quality is paramount. Our prices reflect the quality of our implants and the highest level of skill and expertise. Following your free initial consultation, you will receive a detailed bespoke and fully-costed treatment plan. Call now on 01474537191.

Upper JawN/A£13,000£17,000
Lower JawN/A£13,000£17,000
Both Jaws£20,000£25,000£32,000
Upper Teeth101212
Lower Teeth1010/12*10/12*
Tooth Shades466**
MaterialBio polymer super-structure with titanium sub-structureBio polymer super-structure with titanium sub-structureCharacterised Zirconia super-structure, titanium sub-structure
Implants4 Per Jaw
Pre-maxilla and pre-mandible implants only
4/6 Per Jaw
Pterygoid implants possible, anatomy-dependent
4/6 Per Jaw
Pterygoid implants possible, anatomy-dependent
Functional/cosmeticFair function/not cosmeticGood function/limited cosmeticBest function/best cosmetic
Fixed Teeth In One DayYesYesYes
Individual characterisationN/AN/AYes
Upgrade feeN/AN/A£9,000


Upper JawN/A
Lower JawN/A
Both Jaws£20,000
Upper Teeth10
Lower Teeth10
Tooth Shades4
MaterialBio polymer super-structure with titanium sub-structure
Implants4 Per Jaw
Pre-maxilla and pre-mandible implants only
Functional/cosmeticFair function/not cosmetic
Fixed Teeth In One DayYes
Individual characterisationNot available
Individual characterisationNot available
Upgrade feeN/A


Upper Jaw£13,000
Lowe Jaw£13,000
Both Jaws£25,000
Upper Teeth12
Lower Teeth10/12*
Tooth Shades6
MaterialBio polymer super-structure with titanium sub-structure
Implants4/6 Per Jaw
Pterygoid implants possible, anatomy-dependent
Functional/cosmeticGood function/limited cosmetic
Upgrade FeeN/A
Fixed Teeth In One DayYes
Individual characterisationNot available
Upgrade FeeN/A


Upper Jaw£17,000
Lower Jaw£17,000
Both Jaws£32,000
Upper Teeth12
Lower Teeth10/12*
Tooth Shades6**
MaterialCharacterised Zirconia super-structure, titanium sub-structure
Implants4/6 Per Jaw
Pterygoid implants possible, anatomy-dependent
Functional/cosmeticBest function/best cosmetic
Fixed Teeth In One DayYes
Individual characterisationYes
Upgrade fee£9000

*Anatomy dependent
**Individual characterisation

Complex Cases

We are committed to keeping our prices clear with no hidden extras, while 95% of our patients treatment falls within our standard pricing, we do however see a small amount of patients who have complex cases that require advanced procedures that do carry an additional cost. All costings will be discussed at your consultation, with a full treatment plan tailored to your dental needs.

Ask a member of staff about our dental plans for just £39.50/Monthly. Peace of mind to cover and maintain your dental treatment with Parrock Dental.

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Bone Grafts

Dental Awards

Missing and broken teeth,over 20 years as a dental phobic – Liam

Name: Liam

Age: 22

Occupation: Unknown

Problem: Missing and broken teeth,over 20 years as a dental phobic, with pain, no confidence and unable to chew

Treatment: Same day Dental Implant Fixed teeth for instant pain free smile, chewing and confidence

Treatment period: 4 months

Liam came to Parrock Dental after having been a dental phobic living with dental pain for over 20 years. His dental fear had prevented him from seeing a dentist leaving all his teeth broken with extensive decay causing extreme difficulty chewing, constant pain and very low self confidence and self esteem. After having same day painless fixed teeth with dental implants in just one appointment Liam was pain free,able to chew and regained his smile and confidence.
I had a mouthful of broken teeth. I was very nervous about seeing the dentists and having treatment. I knew I needed all my teeth removed at a young age. After one visit with Rik I felt comfortable and relaxed. I knew I didn’t need to be sedated as I was in safe hands. I had the teeth taken out, the implants placed and given fixed bridgework in approximately a couple of hours. I didn’t feel a thing from the beginning to the end and even after. I took only one pain killer as a precaution but didn’t need any more. The treatment has changed my life. I can smile I can eat and I feel so confident it has simply changed my life and I can’t thank my dentist for referring me, Rik and Parrock Dental enough.

Your Guide to All-On-4 Dental Implants

Stability even in minimum bone volume

By tilting the two posterior implants, longer implants can be used in minimum bone volume, increasing bone-to-implant contact and reducing the need for vertical bone augmentation. The tilted posterior implants can be anchored in better quality anterior bone, reducing cantilevers and thus improving support of the prosthesis.

Good clinical results

Biomechanical measurements show that tilted implants, when part of prosthetic support, do not have a negative effect on the load distribution. The tilting of implants has been used in clinical practice for over a decade and has shown good results.

Dental Implants All-on-4

Planning with NobelGuide treatment concept

All-on-4 treatments can be planned and performed using the NobelGuide treatment concept, ensuring accurate diagnostics, planning and implant placement. The NobelGuide Software allows for detailed diagnostics such as identification of available bone, virtual implant placement according to the anatomical situation and prosthetic needs, and ordering of an individualized surgical template. NobelGuide supports minimally invasive flapless techniques as well as surgical access through mini-flaps and full flaps, while the surgical template ensures guided and therefore exact implant placement.

Prosthetic flexibility

With an All-on-4 treatment, patients benefit from an immediate implant-supported restoration, as a provisional prosthesis is screwed onto the implants right after surgery. Final solutions for All-on-4 treatments include both fixed prostheses, such as NobelProcera Implant Bridge Titanium with acrylic veneering, or individual NobelProcera crowns cemented to the bridge framework, and removable solutions, such as acrylic overdentures on a NobelProcera Implant Bar Overdenture.

Increased efficiency

Efficient treatment flow results in shorter treatment times and improved patient satisfaction.

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