Bone graphs for dental implants

Dental implants are strong and will help you eat comfortably. For best results, there needs to be enough bone to fix the implant. Although only a few millimetres of healthy bone is required, some people don’t have enough. Bone grafts provide the answer.

What is a bone graft?

Bone grafts provide a secure foundation to attach your dental implant. It’s a simple surgical procedure that builds up missing bone in your jaw. Generally bone grafts take several months to heal and integrate with the existing jaw bone.

Although, it may be possible to place the graft and implant at the same time. Either way, we will provide guidance for you to ensure your implants are successfully placed and last many years.

What are bone grafts made from?

There are many options for bone grafts:

  • Bone taken from another site in your mouth or your body.
  • Man-made material or protein designed to stimulate your body into producing new bone cells.
  • Bone from a donor. Usually the donor is bovine, but it may also be human. Donor bone is subjected to rigorous testing before being used to ensure it is completely safe.

We will discuss the options in more detail with to find the most appropriate solution.

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Affordable Dental Implant treatment

Many people worry about the cost of implants, and so we have devised a number of payment plans to help you afford the right treatment.

Teeth Implants cost £1.70 per day with our finance options.

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Meet Dr Rik Trivedi, your dental implant expert


Dr Rik Trivedi is the Principal dentist at Parrock Dental & Implant Centres.  He has completed The Year course in Dental Implantology at The Harley Street centre for Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry and completed his advanced training at the Royal College of surgeons studying the Diploma in Implant Dentistry. He was awarded a distinction in his Masters in Dental Implanvology at Uclan in 2015 and focuses most of his time in this field.

He takes great care and attention during treatments which vary from treating missing single or multiple teeth to more complex same day full mouth implant bridgework and dentures that ensure patients’ can eat and function comfortably with confidence. Rik makes sure that all his patients achieve their dental goals, from preventive care to creating a beautiful smile with dental implants that inspires confidence within.

Rik’s caring and approachable nature is paramount to putting all patients at ease. His advanced skills are based on the Kaizen philosophy of constant improvement and life long learning. Meet Dr Rik