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Dental implants are ideal if you have gaps in your teeth caused by damaged or missing teeth. Some of our dental implant patients share their stories of how a dental implant was used to replaced missing or failing teeth.

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 All on four lower front and back teeth implants

Problem: poor appearance and missing teeth and very poor dentures
meant Christine was very unconfident talking to people and working as
this involved dealing with the public all the time. She became unhappy
and depressed that she also couldn’t eat very well

Treatment: Christine had almost full mouth implants and fixed
bridgework to restore her smile and confidence so She was able to
socialise and go back to work and She can now eat normally

Loss of a lot of teeth mainly in her upper jaw – Claire – Treatment period: 9 months

Claire came to Parrock Dental looking to restore the function of her teeth. and regain her smile. She had a history of fillings and root treatments which had failed, resulting in the loss of a lot of teeth mainly in her upper jaw. She has not smiled in years!

She had fa full upper jaw and most of the bottom jaw treated with same day fixed teeth with dental implants. In just one appointment she regained her smile and confidence and she is now transformed with a great smile, able to chew and feel happy and confident

“ I came to see Rik as I had suffered for years and years with ill fitting dentures which were uncomfortable, I couldn’t eat properly. I also had missing teeth and broken bridges and lots of fillings that needed doing. I saw Rik who was very reassuring. I had Dental Implant treatment and same day teeth which was very comfortable. The treatment has made me more confident, I can now eat, speak and laugh without feeling self conscious. I feel more confident and happy, it has transformed my life. I would recommend the treatment, if you are worried come and speak to Rik, he will reassure you! ”

Broken and missing teeth affecting smile and confidence -Kevin

Name: Kevin

Age: 46

Occupation: Engineer

Problem: Broken and missing teeth affecting smile and confidence

Treatment: Dental Implant an cosmetic dentistry

Treatment period: 9 months

This patient came to see Dr Trivedi looking to improve his overall smile, he was concerned about existing gaps but also worried about some broken teeth. He wanted to have dental implants to give a fixed, permanent solution to restore his smile, and confidence. He was absolutely over the moon with the results, and could now smile with confidence!
I had a lot of broken and damaged teeth and wanted to put my teeth back into good order. I saw Rik to discuss treatment and haven’t looked back! I have had dental implants and crowns and I’m really happy with the results. I was previously lacking in confidence and quite embarrassed to smile. I’m so very pleased I came to Parrock Dental. I would totally recommend having this treatment here to others!

Gum disease and failed crowns – Martin -Treatment period: 9 months

Martin suffered from advanced gum disease affecting his front and back top and bottom teeth requiring removal and replacement. After advanced planning the teeth were removed and same day fixed teeth and bone graft were carried out to improve Martin’s smile and confidence in one day. After healing the final work was fitted.
“ The work I’ve had done has literally changed my life. I used to be very nervous but I love coming here. It was very comfortable and easy treatment coming from someone like me who was a phobic. Thank- you Rik and the team at Parrock Dental ”

Unhappy with very loose and sore denture – Kay

Name: Kay

Age: 64

Occupation: Retired

Problem: Unhappy with very loose and sore denture

Treatment: Dental Implants for fixed teeth,no pain and improved smile and chewing

Treatment period: 4 months

Kay had a very loose denture requiring lots of fixative and causing pain and loss of confidence chewing and smiling. In just one appointment Kay had Same day fixed bridgework with dental implants and said goodbye to using fixative, years of pain and discomfort and Kay got her smile back at Parrock Dental
I had implants and it’s brilliant. It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment. If you need this treatment just have it done here!

Missing front and back teeth affecting chewing and smile and confidence

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Problem: missing front and back teeth affecting chewing and smile and confidence

Treatment: Dental implants

Treatment time: 3-4 months

Glenn Walsh implants missing front and back teeth

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Complaint: several loose and missing front and back teeth affecting confidence and enjoyment of food and socialising

Treatment: smile makeover with dental implants and veneers and teeth whitening

Treatment time: 5 months

Broken teeth during chewing caused missing front & back teeth affecting chewing

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Problem: broken teeth during chewing caused missing front and back teeth affecting chewing and smile and confidence

Treatment: same day implants and same day front tooth to restore smile immediately.

Treatment time: 4 months

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