You may have recently seen a very worrying headline in one of the major tabloids, linking tooth loss to memory loss. While many of us may joke about losing our memory if we do something trivial such as mislay a set of keys, in reality it’s no laughing matter. However the headline in this particular tabloid was rather misleading as it seemed to suggest that losing teeth would actually cause memory loss.

In actual fact the research carried out couldn’t say whether tooth loss caused memory loss and only focused on a small group of older people. This particular study did find that the number of natural teeth present was associated with cognitive performance even when the taking into account other factors, but it was unclear whether or not this memory loss would even be noticeable. In fact the same studies have found that education and age were more likely to impact memory than the number of natural teeth still present.

Dental Implants May Not Improve Your Memory

While having dental implant in Kent may not improve your memory they are still well worth considering if you have lost one or more teeth. Implants are very much the top choice for replacing teeth and even though the initial cost may be a little higher than having a partial denture or a dental bridge, and the treatment time maybe a little longer, the results can be well worth the extra effort.

Properly placed and planned dental implants can be strong and permanent, and if correctly cared for should last for many years or even for your entire life. You shouldn’t even be aware they are there and they’ll look and feel just like your permanent teeth or probably even a bit better. Having teeth that are no longer viable replaced with implants can be quite a revelation and should help you look and feel a lot better. Not only will you be able to enjoy far more foods, hopefully improving your nutrition and overall health, but you will also benefit from having your teeth restored to their correct dimensions. Your cheeks and lips will be properly supported, and some people notice they look more youthful than before.

If you’re interested in finding out more about dental implants then why not make an appointment with Dr Rik Trivedi? You can phone our dentist in Kent on 01474 537191. Dental implants may not improve your memory, but they could improve your smile.