A Brand New Smile

Show Off a New Look Smile in 4 Easy Steps

A New Smile and Confidence Makeover

A stunning smile can have a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. It can boost your confidence and give a positive effect on your work and social relationships. Research has also shown that a beautiful smile can attract other people to you. When you smile, endorphins are released making you feel happier too.
If your smile is not the best it can be then let us help you fix it. Perhaps you have a damaged tooth? Perhaps you have crooked or dis-coloured teeth? Maybe you have gaps in your teeth that make you self-conscious? Whatever the problem, our mini or full makeover can transform your smile and revolutionise your life.

The Smile Makeovers

At Parrock Dental, we can help with everything from a mini makeover to a complete new smile. Book your initial consultation now to discuss which option is best for you.

The Mini Smile Makeover

A Mini Smile Makeover essentially involves using any of the treatment options listed below to deal with issues affecting a few teeth; usually the upper front 4 or 6 teeth.

The Full Smile Makeover

In the Full Smile Makeover, any of the treatment options listed below are used to treat the range of visible teeth that show when smiling; typically a range of 10 or 12 teeth.

The Complete New Smile

The Complete New Smile may be necessary where you have very few or no teeth at all, and involves treating most of the teeth or the full mouth with a range of options below.

Treatment Options

Dental Implants

A natural, permanent solution that can be used to replace one or a full set of missing teeth.


Crooked teeth can be straightened using a variety of different dental braces depending upon your unique requirements.


Provide strength, resilience and a natural look by using thin pieces of porcelain to cover the existing tooth.


A range of techniques can be used to remove staining and make your teeth sparkle again.


Damaged or broken teeth can be fixed with crowns to support, protect and make teeth look visibly better.


Several missing teeth can be fixed using bridges which span the gap.


Discoloured or chipped teeth can be improved by using a tooth coloured resin which is bonded to the tooth.

“I now have the smile I’ve always wanted… I am so happy with the result, it has changed my life”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★



“I had implants and it’s brilliant! It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Dental Implants

“I had really wonky teeth and was not confident with my smile… I’m really happy with the results. Now I have a nice smile and I am a lot more confident.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★



4 Steps to Your Smile Makeover

Step 1: Initial Smile Consultation

At the initial consultation we will discuss your new smile, help you create a ‘wish list’ of treatments and take any x-rays and impressions that may be required for diagnosis and planning.

Step 2: Diagnostic Wax-up Model

Using the information gained at the initial smile consultation, we translate your requirements into a 3D diagnostic model of your new smile for your approval.

Step 3: Trial Smile

Once you’re happy with the model, we will contact the lab to order the manufacture of your new teeth, and temporary prosthetics will be placed in order to create a ‘mock up’ of the finished smile.

Step 4: The End Result

Your final restorations will be produced to your exact specifications and permanently bonded to your teeth. All that’s left to do is celebrate your beautiful new smile and your renewed confidence.

New Smiles Before and After Smile Gallery

Some of our New Smile patients share their story in the New Smile smile gallery below.

Full smile makeover