Do you currently have a lower denture, or perhaps a full set of dentures? If you have been wearing them for quite a few years you may find they have become increasingly loose and difficult to keep in position. Perhaps you think this is just inevitable and is just something you have to put up with when in fact there is a solution. Dental implants in Kent can help stabilise your dentures, and this procedure only requires a few implants to be inserted into your jawbone so it’s not terribly expensive or invasive. If the cost has been putting you off enquiring about dental implants at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre, then perhaps it is time to think again, and to consider the advantages and improvements to your quality of life that they could provide.

Think You Are Too Old for Implants? You’re Almost Certainly Not

Some people automatically disregard the idea of having dental implants as they think they are only for younger people. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many older people have benefited enormously from using dental implants to stabilise their dentures. So long as you are in good health, and so long as you don’t have any other oral health issues, then it really doesn’t matter what age you are. Successful dental implants are down to good planning and surgical treatment combined with good home care. Dr Rik Trivedi can certainly make sure surgery is well-planned and executed, and the dental team can give you lots of advice on home care so you make sure your implants last a long time.

Don’t You Deserve to Enjoy Life to the Full?

If you find yourself cutting out favourite foods because they are simply too difficult to eat with dentures, or if you have to use dentures adhesives all the time, then your quality of life, and your enjoyment of life will almost certainly improve with implant supported dentures. You’ll be able to enjoy a wider selection of foods, and can attend social situations without that nagging fear that your dentures could slip at any moment. It is also easier to eat a healthier diet when your choice of foods is suddenly increased.

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