When having an extraction, patients will always be given written and verbal advice on how to maintain the extraction site for a speedy recovery. Please find below the main points that should be followed:

It is common for an extraction site to continue oozing blood for the first 24 hours. You are recommended to apply pressure over the site with a bite pack/ clean cotton cloth or rolled hankie and bite hard for 20min.

Do not rinse or spit out for 24 Hours- as rinsing and spitting can wash away blood clots and lead to further bleeding which can delay healing.

Be careful, not to burn or bite your lips/cheeks due to the anaesthesia, it can take up to 2-3 hours before the anaesthesia wears off-  it is recommended you eat/drink once the numbness has worn off.

It is sometimes good to take pain relief before the anaesthesia has worn off. Any type of painkiller such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can be taken…however you should check your suitability for any drugs. Avoid taking aspirin based painkillers as this can encourage bleeding.

Avoid smoking as smoking can increase the risk of infection and delays healing.

Avoid alcohol and strenuous exercise as both can lead to bleeding and delayed healing.

Mouthwash (corsodyl/retardex) and brushing the following day should be carried out as normal however hot salt water mouthwashes (1 cup : 1 teaspoon of salt) can be used in addition after every meal to help encourage the extraction site to remain clean.

Should an extraction site increase in pain after 2-3 days, this may indicate a dry socket and you should make an appointment to see your dentist by calling the practice on 01474 537191.