Preventative dental care is all about making sure you receive regular dental check-ups and that you book a scale and polish at the same time with one of our hygienists at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. We believe preventative dentistry is the very best way to help your teeth last longer. You’ll benefit from having a healthy smile all year round, and your dental bills are likely to be a lot lower in the long run.

Our dentists will be able to thoroughly assess your teeth and gums and will pick up on any minor problems when they are much easier and cheaper to treat. Catching any signs of tooth decay early on means we can help to halt it in its tracks, so very little of your natural tooth structure is lost. Gum disease is a huge problem, and is the main reason teeth are lost. Catching it early on ensures it is reversible through having your teeth scaled and polished and by improving on your dental care at home.

Did You Know Preventative Dental Care Includes Mouth Cancer Screening?

Your dental check-up could even save your life, as it includes a screening for mouth cancer. This disease is rare, but the early signs are easy to miss. Our highly skilled dentist in Kent is trained to assess the inside of your mouth, including your cheeks, lips and tongue, and will spot anything that looks amiss. As with any type of cancer, early detection greatly improves the prognosis.

Orthodontics as a Preventative Dental Care Treatment

A lot of people think of orthodontics as giving purely cosmetic results, but wearing a brace could positively impact your oral health, helping to prevent you from developing tooth decay and gum disease. The reason is very straightforward, as straighter teeth are easier to clean. If you currently struggle with brushing and flossing due to having crooked teeth or an overcrowded mouth then you may want to investigate orthodontics in Kent a little further. Systems such as Invisalign can make a positive impact on your dental health in as little as a year, and are so discreet that no one need know you wear a brace.

If you know you are overdue for a check-up then why not give us a call on 01474 537191 to book an appointment? If you’re interested in learning how orthodontics could improve your dental health then why not think about booking a free consultation to find out more.