Have you recently lost a tooth, or do you have a sneaking suspicion that one might be on its way out? It is a horrible feeling, and is something that the dental team at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre sympathises with. However it might be possible to find a fast solution that can permanently replace your lost tooth. Dr Rik Trivedi is able to offer patients a technique that allows a dental implant and replacement crown to be placed, all in the same appointment. You can even have the problem tooth removed at the same time as the implant placement.

This is something that most people will find very appealing, as having conventional dental implants in Kent can often be a lengthy procedure. It will also appeal to people who are nervous over having conventional dental implants as the procedure is minimally invasive. Most dental implants require the gum to be stitched up afterwards ass the implant site heals, but this technique does not require any stitches. This is because the gum tissue removed during the surgery is immediately replaced with the implant. The huge advantage of this technique is that any discomfort will be very minimal, and the implant site will be quicker to heal.

The tooth fitted at the time of surgery is only temporary, as you will still need to wait approximately three months for the implant to settle down, and to bond with the jawbone. Once Dr Trivedi is satisfied the implant site has healed, then the permanent tooth will be made at our dental laboratory. In the meantime, the temporary tooth will still be cosmetically pleasing and functional.

Not Just for Single Teeth

This technique can also be used in quite a variety of situations. If you currently wear a bridge that is past its best, then you could have same day dental implants to replace it. It is also ideal for anyone who is completely fed with wearing a denture, or for someone who has one or more teeth that are constantly becoming infected, and which really aren’t very long for this world.

Dental implants are complex to place, but Dr Trivedi has advanced training so you will be in good hands. If you would like to book a consultation to find out more about dental implants, then you can email us on info@parrockdental.co.uk and you will also find lots more information on dental implants on our website at www.parrockdental.co.uk.