Conventional dental implants in Kent can take quite a few months to complete and even though it is worthwhile, the length of treatment is something that some people struggle with. This could be especially true for patients who have no remaining teeth and who currently have to use a loose and uncomfortable denture. In this case a technique called All-on-Four might be more suitable. The technique has been especially designed to provide treatment for patients without any remaining teeth and is used to hold a denture or even a dental bridge securely in place.

Treatment is affordable and quick as it uses just four implants in the lower jaw and a minimum of six in the upper jaw to support a dental prosthesis. This makes it perfect for anyone who may have worn dentures for quite some time and who has suffered substantial bone loss in their jaw. Whereas conventional implants need to be surrounded by a minimum quantity of healthy bone, the implants used in this treatment can be placed in a minimal amount of bone. They are inserted towards the front of the jaw as this is the area where the bone tends to be the thickest and are specifically angled to provide extra support. The placement of these implants is quite different in that two of them are angled or tilted backwards, helping to anchor the prosthesis in position while spreading the load. Treatment is safe and has been in use for more than a decade with good results.

Once the implants have been inserted they can be immediately loaded with a restoration, even though this will be temporary until the implants have completely settled down. Using so few dental implants makes treatment much more affordable so more people can benefit from this innovation.

Dr Rik Trivedi plans all implant surgery very carefully and uses dental x-rays and CT scans to identify the best areas in which to place the dental implants. Implant surgery is minimally invasive and most people find it easy to cope with. If you are especially nervous then we can offer you extra sedation.

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