The days of using old metal braces and metal wires to re-shape misaligned teeth are over. Modern technological advancements in braces technology now allow orthodontists and dentists to reshape the patient’s mouth and teeth using less invasive, faster and less painful methods. From using metals and technologies designed for NASA to using computed tomography (CT) scanning to design an individual braces programme, today’s braces are far more effective and easier to use.

Braces are no longer comprised of metal bands and brackets to hold the metal wires that force the teeth to move into their new position. Today’s braces use space age flexible metals and clear, tooth-coloured brackets that reduce the visibility of the braces. In some situations a patient can use removable clear aligners, which can quickly realign the teeth as long as they are not too far out of alignment. This procedure uses CT scans to create a series of different,almost invisible,aligners, which are then worn in succession over a period of time. The results are generated much faster than what is seen with traditional metal braces. Other new advancements include heat activated braces wires, which reduce the amount of times the dentist needs to tighten the wire. The patient can actually adjust their own heat activated wires simply by drinking a heated beverage!These new materials make braces less painful and visible, and reduces the amount of time it takes to achieve the desired results.

The way a dentist or orthodontist is able to plan a program to realign a specific patient’s teeth has also been improved. Computer technology now allows all dental records to be digitally recorded and x-rays and photographs can be uploaded into a diagnostic computer programme. This can vastly improve the process of creating a realignment programme for that specific patient. In some cases it is even possible to view what the end result of the re-alignment programme will look like before any work is performed on the teeth.

Many of these new techniques for re-aligning teeth can be found at the Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. You can visit the practice if you are interested in braces in Gravesend. Head dentist Dr Rik Trivedi BDS and the rest of the Parrock Street dental team can help patients realign their teeth to create straight smiles with less effort and pain than ever before. The address is 189-191 Parrock Street, in Gravesend, Kent DA12 1EN and the phone number is01474 537191. More information can be found on their website at