Does it look as if your teen will need braces? Perhaps your dentist in Kent at Parrock Street has already mentioned the possibility. If the answer is yes then they may be able to have invisible braces or Invisalign. This popular system is suitable for treating a wide range of orthodontic problems, including malocclusion or teeth that don’t bite together correctly, teeth that are overcrowded, and teeth that have spaces in between them. It is an excellent system as it not only improves the appearance of teeth, but can also greatly benefit oral health, as straight teeth are much easier to clean properly. In contrast some of the other modern orthodontic systems around today are more focused on providing cosmetic results and don’t provide any significant health benefits.

One of the nice things about Invisalign in Kent is that you get to see the finished results before treatment begins, as every stage is planned using the Invisalign ClinCheck system. Treatment generally takes between a year and eighteen months to complete, during which time your teenager will need to wear a series of clear aligners that look very much like mouth guards. These are changed every two weeks as they gradually realign the teeth.

Specially Adapted for Teenagers

You may already know of adults who have had Invisalign as the system is extremely popular, but Invisalign Teen has been adapted to take into account the needs of teenagers. The aligners include special wear indicators that gradually fade as the appliance is worn. These help your teen to see if they have been wearing them for long enough as they need to be worn for 22 hours a day if they are to keep to their treatment plan. The aligners are also adapted to take into account the fact that their jaw and teeth may still be developing. As teens are well known for misplacing things, this system also incorporates several replacement sets at no extra cost.

Best of all these invisible braces in Kent are super easy to keep clean, as they can be removed for eating and drinking, so your child will finish up with a straight and healthy smile. In the past traditional braces often presented a real problem, as they were try to keep clean, and required quite a lot of dedication to oral hygiene.

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