If you’d like to improve your smile then there are a number of different ways to achieve this. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a number of different treatments, and one of the most popular is dental veneers. Properly designed dental veneers can make a world of difference to a smile, and you may not even need to have that many for a complete smile makeover. This particular treatment is often used in combination with orthodontics or with teeth whitening to give really great results.

You might think it seems a little bit extreme or overcomplicated to use a number of different cosmetic dental treatments, but in fact the very opposite is true. Using a combination of treatments can often be the most conservative and cost effective method of achieving excellent facial aesthetics. For example if your teeth are crooked than having them straightened with orthodontic treatment prior to having them veneered can help to minimise the number of veneers actually required. Using these methods in combination will ensure as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible is retained. If you have any missing teeth then dental implants in Kent are well worth investigating. Dental implants are also a very conservative way of replacing teeth as they don’t have any negative effects on the remaining teeth in the mouth.

Planning for Cosmetic Dentistry

Expert planning is vital to the success of your treatments, and is an area where we think our Parrock Street surgery excels. Your initial consultation at our surgery will be to discuss and decide which treatments will be most suitable for you, and to work out which order the treatments will be carried out in. We can then plan each stage of the treatment to give optimum results, and will make sure we keep you fully informed every step of the way. You’ll be involved in your smile design, and diagnostic wax up models help ensure you get a sneak preview of how the finished teeth will look. We’ll listen to any concerns you may have, and can alter your smile design accordingly until you’re completely happy with the finished look. These planning stages are all absolutely vital, and we always encourage our patients to ask questions as we want you to be completely happy with your new smile.

Not sure of how cosmetic dentistry Kent might help you? Why not take a look at our smile Gallery which you can view online at www.parrockdental.co.uk. If you’d like to book a consultation then you can phone us on 01474 537191 to make an appointment at your convenience.