Do you find yourself feeling slightly anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist? Many people do, and it can be something that stems back to a bad experience, or it may be a learned behaviour that you picked up from your parents or caregiver. If this sounds familiar then Parrock Dental and Implant Centre is extremely good at treating nervous patients, but if you have children of your own then there is the possibility that you could inadvertently pass these fears on to them,

If you have any dental fears or phobias, then you will help your child tremendously if you manage not to pass on these concerns. If they see you are frightened of dental visits, then they will begin to wonder why, and may well begin to feel the same way, even though there is no need. Making sure you approach dental visits as being something that is entirely normal, and simply part of life will help them to enter the dental surgery without any preconceptions. If they do need any treatment then try not to make them over-anxious or to suggest that treatment might be uncomfortable or unpleasant in any way. Dr Rik Trivedi and his dental team always go out of their way to make sure young children feel comfortable receiving dental treatment, so you can rest assured they are in good hands!

With good preventative dental care, and good dental care at home, your child should be able to enter adulthood with healthy teeth and gums. Healthy teeth can last a lifetime, greatly lessening the chances of requiring dental implant in Kent. Your child should also be aware of the need for good dental health, and the benefits it can bring. A healthy smile increases the chances of enjoying good general health. Moreover it can bring social benefits, as people respond to a nice smile, and automatically perceive that person as being warm and friendly. Studies have been conducted into the way an attractive smile can affect different aspects of life. People with an attractive smile can find it easier to get on in their chosen career, and even to find their life partner.

If you have young children, and would like advice on how to help them enjoy good dental health throughout childhood and into adulthood, then why not give our Kent dentist a call? You can book an appointment for your child on 01474 537191, or you can email us with any questions you might have on If you struggle to visit the dentist yourself, then please do ask us for help.