Here at Parrock Dental and Implant centre in Gravesend we can offer numerous treatments to replace missing teeth. The best option we would recommend is Dental Implants. Our principal dentist Dr Trivedi is a qualified implant specialist who has over 15 years experience in placing implants and is currently studying for his Master’s Degree.

One option that we can offer here is “same day teeth” which is when you can have a problematic tooth removed, and have a new tooth to replace it on the same day.

This process begins with a full new patient exam and discussion with Dr Trivedi, and then a further appointment to place the implant and provide you with a temporary tooth which looks great while the implant site heals and becomes a strong base to fix the permanent tooth. Once the permanent tooth has been fixed it is as strong as your own natural teeth and is very hard wearing.


This patient came to see Dr.Rik Trivedi after having problems with his front tooth. It had become discoloured after being knocked playing sports and he had been advised that there was no saving it. He came to Dr. Rik Trivedi and had an implant placed at the same appointment as having the tooth removed, and then his temporary tooth was fitted. After 3 months he came back for his final fitting and had the temporary tooth replaced with a beautiful permanent fixed tooth. You can see from his before and after pictures that you would not be able to tell that this was not a natural tooth. This patient was really happy with his treatment results and felt that it improved his confidence greatly.

Find out more information about treatments at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre here Or if you have any other questions about treatments we offer contact us on 01474 537 191.