Next time you brush your teeth, just pause for a moment and think about how you do it. Notice the way you hold your brush, and your routine for brushing all the surfaces of your teeth. Are you doing the best job you can, and do your teeth feel really clean after you have finished? Hopefully the answer is yes, but the truth is that you may be missing out some areas of your teeth, and perhaps if you rum your tongue over the tooth surfaces, you might even be able to feel these areas are slightly sticky still. Most of us have a set habit when it comes to tooth brushing, and it is an automatic action that is often completed when we feel tired or are in a hurry.

Dental Implant KentAll You Need is Two Minutes, Twice a Day

That is all it takes to clean all the surfaces of your teeth with your tooth brush, although you will still need to floss once a day. It is very little time to take out of even the busiest day, and could mean you end up saving time and money in the future as you will be far less likely to need dental implants in Kent.

If you use an electric toothbrush, then it is likely to already have a built in timer, but if not then timers can be bought very cheaply, and one of the major toothbrush manufacturers recently released an app designed to make brushing easier. It is due to be released in the UK in just a few months’ time.

In the meantime, think of your mouth being split up into four different quadrants or quarters, and concentrate on cleaning one quarter every thirty seconds. Angle your brush so it is able to reach right down to the gum line, and to just below the point where your gums meet your teeth, as these areas often have the most bacteria. Use small circular movements to clean your teeth, and don’t press too hard as you could wear away your gums or even your tooth enamel. Don’t forget to floss!

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