Braces can be extremely effective in straightening teeth, and some orthodontics in Kent can provide results within just a few short months. This is perfect if you’re interested more in the cosmetic dentistry effect of orthodontics and if your teeth are only a little crooked. In spite of this, once you finish treatment you might find that one or two teeth are still ever so slightly out of alignment. This is only likely to be a problem if you’re looking for a perfect smile that is completely straight and even. If this is the case then porcelain veneers might be the ideal solution.

The materials used to make today’s veneers are extremely sophisticated, enabling the veneers to be constructed so that they are incredibly thin while still maintaining good strength and aesthetics. Veneers might also be a good choice if some of your teeth are intrinsically or internally stained, and if they won’t respond to teeth whitening.

This could be the case if you’re exposed to tetracycline or certain other antibiotics at a very young age, or if you lived in an area where the drinking water had naturally high fluoride content. If you were exposed to excess fluoride before the age of seven while the teeth are still forming, this may have led to stains developing within the teeth. These don’t always respond so well to teeth whitening, especially if the stains are brownish in colour.

Sometimes orthodontic treatment is used to minimise the gaps in between teeth, but it may not always close them completely, and this is another situation where veneers might be able to help. One thing to bear in mind is that closing the gap completely with veneers could result in teeth that look too wide for your smile, so it’s worth taking advice from Dr Rik Trivedi as to whether or not veneers will produce the results you’d like. Veneers are also good at helping to change the shape of teeth, so if some of your teeth are irregularly shaped or are too small and it’s quite possible veneers could help to rectify this problem.

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