Do you currently struggle with keeping your dentures in place? Are you constantly using messy and expensive denture adhesives to try to stop them from slipping about? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you may want to read on, and learn about overdentures and dental implants in Kent.

What is an Overdenture?

An overdenture looks almost the same as an ordinary denture, apart from the fact that it has precision attachments on the fitting surface, which is the surface nearest to your gums. These attachments clip or snap onto implant attachments in your jaw, ensuring your denture cannot move around. It is a great solution if you currently have to wear a lower denture, especially if you lost your teeth quite some time ago, as the ridge supporting your denture is likely to have flattened off over the years, reducing the amount of retention.

It is also ideal if you still have some natural teeth left in your mouth, as provided the roots are healthy then these can be left in position, and simply cut down to the gum line. The stumps are then covered to help protect them from decay. Leaving these roots in place can be beneficial as they will help to keep the bone in the jaw healthy, preventing it from being reabsorbed.

While overdentures are often used to replace lower dentures, they can be a very good option for replacing upper dentures. The reason for this is that the denture can be constructed in the shape of the arch, and does not need to cover the palate. Having a denture constructed in this way can be much more comfortable, especially for anyone who has trouble with a strong gag reflex. Another huge benefit is that food will taste much better.

An overdenture is a cost effective option for gaining a stable arch of teeth as it is much less expensive than having a permanent bridge made to fit over the implants. If carefully looked after, then implants should last at least 15 years, or possibly even longer making them an extremely viable long-term option. However this does depend on good home dental care and regular check-ups at Parrock Dental and Implants Centre.

Talk to our dentist in Kent, if you’d like to know more about overdentures or implants in general then why not book a consultation with Dr Rik Trivedi who is our implant expert. All you need to do is give us a call on 01474 537191, or you can e-mail us on for more information.