Cancer screening is a very important part of a general dental examination. Dentists not only check the health and vitality of teeth and gums but they also check the health of the whole mouth, ie, cheeks, tongue, roof and floor of mouth. Therefore it is very important to attend a dental examination even if you feel you have no problems.

There are no special instruments used in the screening for oral cancer apart from the skill of a trained eye.

Smoking and alcohol are the biggest risk factors of oral cancer and therefore those patients most at risk should attend routine examination appointments regularly.

Oral cancer can be spotted very early by a dentist usually before patients have any signs and symptoms.

Typical signs and symptoms of oral cancer include:

Pain and swelling in the mouth

Swelling around the neck

A mass or discoloration within the mouth

Painful ulcer that is not healing.

If  you are worried about oral cancer and would like an examination please do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment.

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