Do you have a broken or chipped tooth that you’ve been ignoring for quite some time? Many people do as it’s all too easy to get used to the feeling and appearance of a damaged tooth. However it’s something that can be easily mended through having restorative dental treatment at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. Dr Rik Trivedi or another dentist can restore your tooth through building it up with tooth coloured composite material. This conservative treatment is ideal for making minor repairs to front teeth, and it can also be completed in just one short visit to our surgery.

Problems Associated with Chipped Teeth

The problem with leaving untreated chips and cracks in teeth is that they can allow bacteria to penetrate the tooth. If this happens it could result in tooth decay or infection, and the bacteria could even penetrate the central part of the tooth which is called the pulp. This is the part of the tooth that contains the blood supply and nerves, and it can be quite painful if it becomes infected. If you manage to get treatment soon enough then it will almost certainly be possible to save the tooth through root canal treatment. If you leave the infection untreated then you could end up needing dental implant in Kent, as eventually the tooth will require extracting. Why let it get to this stage when a simple treatment could save your healthy tooth?

The Alternative to Dental Bonding

The alternative to having a tooth bonded is to have it veneered instead. This is a slightly more complicated treatment as a porcelain veneer will be custom-made to fit over the front of your tooth, covering up the broken section. This is a more expensive treatment, but porcelain veneers can last up to 10 years whereas composite fillings will need replacing more frequently as they tend to become stained.

If you do have a chipped or cracked tooth then it’s best to make an appointment with one of our dentists in Kent. They’ll be able to advise you of all the possible treatments available to you, as well as the costs. You’ll then be able to make an informed decision as to which treatment is best for your needs.

It’s easy to make an appointment with us as all you need to do is call us on 01474 537191, or if you prefer you can fill in the enquiry form on our website to request a call back at a time convenient to you. You’ll find our website at