Could Lessen the Need for Braces in Kent

Do you have young children? If so you will want to help them look after their teeth so they have a nice smile right throughout their life, but do you make sure you brush their milk teeth for them?

Many parents will do their best to brush their children’s teeth, and will try to limit their intake of sugary foods in an effort to protect their smile, but some are not fully aware of the importance of milk or primary teeth, and the need to look after them until they are ready to fall out of their own accord. It is easy to imagine that just because these teeth are replaced by adult teeth within just a few years, that there is no real need to look after them.

The trouble is, if you don’t, then they will become decayed, and will need filing or even extracting before they are ready to fall out naturally. Nobody likes having a filling, so imagine how it might feel to a very young child, who may even have had toothache or discomfort before visiting Dr Rik Trivedi at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre.

These first teeth are important as they let your child eat a wider choice of foods, and it is far more difficult to learn to talk if you don’t have teeth! There is another very important reason for looking after milk teeth, and which could lessen the need for needing braces in Kent. This is because they help to hold open the correct amount of space for adult teeth so the permanent teeth are more likely to come through straight. If the milk teeth are lost too soon then the gums can harden over the adult teeth, which can make it harder for them to push through the gums.

Cleaning a young child’s teeth is never likely to be an easy task, but it is important, and is well worth the time you’ll need to spend with them in the bathroom. You’ll need to continue cleaning their teeth for them until they are aged six or seven, and afterwards they will probably need supervision. One way to make it more fun for them is to clean your teeth at the same time, so they can copy your actions.

Regular check-ups with Dr Trivedi will help keep your child’s teeth healthy, and he will also be able to tell you if they are likely to need braces in the future. If you are looking for a good children’s dentist, call us on 01474 537191 to book an appointment. You can also find loads of useful information on our website at