If you are about to have, or have just had dental implants in Gravesend then you will be keen to know the best way to take care of them. Your dental implants need regular care just like normal teeth, regardless of the type or size. They need to be brushed twice a day and it is important to floss around the abutments once a day. The abutments stick up above the gum line, and are used to hold the prosthesis firmly in place.

You don’t need to use a very hard brush to clean your teeth, as a soft brush will clean just as well. If you find it awkward to floss then you may want to try an oral irrigator or flosser. This is a device that squirts water in between the teeth, removing the plaque biofilm and any small pieces of food that may become trapped around the abutment. If you have a removable prosthesis, for example an implant supported denture, then you can gently brush and floss the abutments while the appliance is removed. It is also important to clean the attachments in the denture as this will remove any build-up of plaque bacteria and will ensure that your mouth stays healthy and fresh.

Regular visits to Parrock Street are Essential

Regular dental visits are important for everyone, but especially for people who have dental implants. This will give Dr Rik Trivedi the chance to check your implants to make sure they are still working properly. It’s also a great idea to book an appointment with the hygienist at the same time, as they will be able to clean your implants as necessary. These regular checks are essential for ensuring you don’t have any signs of gum disease, as this condition can affect dental implants and if not treated will cause bone loss which may eventually lead to the implants becoming loose.

With the correct care your dental implants should last a very long time, and they are still the very best way of replacing missing teeth. The reason for this is that they help ensure better oral health and general health through preserving the jawbone and by allowing you to eat a greater range of foods.

If you’d like to learn more about dental implants and the procedure involved for having them fitted met our dentist in Kent. Alternatively you can give us a ring on 01474 5371912 book your free consultation with Dr Trivedi. This consultation is an excellent chance for you to ask all the questions you might have about dental implants.