Dental implants are a great way of replacing teeth, but you do need to look for an experienced dentist such as Dr Rik Trivedi. This is because implants must be strategically placed to allow them to function correctly, and to allow the final restorations to look perfectly natural. A well-placed dental implant has an extremely high success rate, as the surgical procedure will have been properly planned and will have avoided all the important structures in the mouth such as sinus cavities and nerves. Proper placement ensures the crown or bridge has the correct aesthetics and sufficient room to function properly. Not everyone is suitable for Kent dental implant, and it does take a skilled dentist to determine whether or not there is sufficient bone in the jaw to support implant, and whether or not it is in the right location to allow the implants to be properly placed.

Clinical studies have shown the success rate of dental implants to be well in excess of 90%, and figures of 95% or even higher are not unusual. Once the implant has fully integrated with your bone, then the final restoration should last a long time. Studies have also shown dental implants to be cost effective in the longer term.

Your Responsibility Towards Making Implant Surgery a Success

This might sound as if the onus is on the dentist, but in fact dental implant success is the result of a close collaboration between you and your dentist in Kent. It’s their responsibility to plan and place the implant, and to make sure your crown, bridge or denture is fitting and functioning correctly, but it’s your responsibility to make sure you look after your implant.

Without the correct care your implant will fail. It’s vitally important to keep it clean and free from plaque, and you must brush and floss around your implant each day. If you don’t it will become infected, and this could lead to bone loss around the implant, the gum tissues may become swollen, and ultimately you may be at risk of the implant failing. It’s not difficult to look after your implants properly, but if you’re unsure of how to clean them correctly then you should always ask the dental team at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre for help and advice.

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