If you have one or more teeth missing it can have a huge impact on your life. Not only can it ruin your smile and potentially affect your confidence and self-esteem but it can also make chewing more difficult and even cause a range of oral health problems.

Dental implants provide a permanent and reliable solution to replacing missing teeth and restoring the natural beauty of your smile. Dental implants consist of titanium metal rods which are placed into the jawbone in a small surgical procedure.

Following this, after the implants have healed, artificial teeth such as crowns can then be placed on top, which mimic both the look and function of your natural teeth. They are the ideal solution if you don’t like the idea of having missing teeth and they can even be used to stabilise loose dental dentures which may be slipping up and down and causing you discomfort.

The healing process in between having the dental implants fitted and having the permanent teeth added can take some time and this is because the implant has to bond with the bone in the jaw. This occurs in a process known as osseointegration. Your dentist in Kent will be able to determine if your implants have fully healed and if the crowns are now ready to be placed.

After an initial appointment where dental x-rays and impressions will be taken for use in diagnosis and treatment planning, the dental implants are then placed. In the meantime a temporary restoration can be used to restore the look and function of your tooth while the dental implants are healing. The final step is to have the permanent tooth fitted.

Dr Rik Trivedi is the Principal Dentist at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. He has completed advanced training at the Royal College of Surgeons after studying for a diploma in Implant Dentistry.

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