A patient presented with a broken tooth which was beyond rescue. The rest of the mouth was healthy and the patient requested a fixed replacement.

The best option in this case is a dental implant. Implants are the most successful long-term option for replacing missing teeth. They are fixed-i.e like your own teeth and do not come out like dentures; they look natural like your own natural teeth; and they do not rely on other teeth to stay in place like a bridge. A bridge is also a good treatment option but some patients opt not to have a bridge as this involves treatment on good healthy teeth.
Implants have also been shown to be the most successful option over time, requiring very little maintenance in fact only the same as your other natural teeth. They are suitable for people of all ages over 18 (when the jaws have grown fully). All that is required is sufficient bone to place the implant. If this is not present there are simple procedures that can ensure sufficient bone is present.

Case Study
In the above case the patient attended for a treatment appointment. At this appointment the broken tooth was gently removed, a dental implant and post placed at the same time and a temporary crown restored the patient’s appearance. The tooth looked so natural the patient had to ask which tooth he had treated again and was very happy with the result. We will allow approximately three months for the implant to heal before placing the final crown which will look even better. The patient is returning back to work and can expect a full recovery with minimal soreness by the next day.

Dr. Rik Trivedi