We very commonly hear patients say “when i was young we didn’t get the chance to have braces, but i wish i did, i hate my crooked teeth” Many patients want straight teeth but do not want veneers or crowns to enhance their smile. We now have a perfect remedy!

Technology and treatment has moved so far forward that there is now other options that patients can have instead of fixed braces, one such example is Clearstep.

The advantages of Invisible braces is that it is clear so you do not have to have a wire brace, its removable and comfortable to wear, treats people of any age, its totally unique, affordable and flexible and it can treat all types of orthodontic problems.

It works by the patient wearing a clear wafer thin plastic positioners which gradually guide your teeth from their present to desired position. The clear plastic positioners are worn in sequence and monitored by a dentist.

The most beneficial aspect is that Invisible braces are removable and therefore flexible enough to fit around your lifestyle so may be removed for that important meeting or special occasion, in addition to eating and drinking.

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