We all know that we need to watch our diet in order to stay fit and healthy, by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and not eating too much junk food, but did you know that by watching what you eat, you can help to protect your teeth as well?

FoodBad Food

There are particular foods that can contain higher levels of cavity causing bacteria, which should be avoided. Also, if your diet is lacking in nutritional value, this in turn will mean your immune system will suffer, and leave you more susceptible to illness. Research has shown that people with a low immune system are more likely to develop Periodontal disease.

If you eat foods with a high fibre content, such as apples, this helps to clean the teeth, and create saliva which neutralises acid in the mouth which can cause tooth decay. Foods to be avoided are chewy or sticky sweets, as these stick to your teeth and can sit on the tooth surface for an extended period of time, which causes more damage to the teeth. Another offender to your teeth is fizzy drinks, as these has a very high sugar content and also high in acid content which is very bad for your teeth.


Top Tips for keeping your mouth healthy:

1- Drink lots of water.

2- Eat lots of fruit and foods high in fibre, as these help to clean your teeth.

3- Eat dairy, as these foods contain vitamin D and calcium, which is good for your teeth, and can also help to neutralise acid in the mouth.

4- Avoid energy drinks, these contain high levels of acids and citrus, which is not good for our teeth.

5- Avoid fizzy drinks where possible and especially before bed.

6- Try not to put unnecessary pressure on your teeth, do not crunch nuts, pork scratching’s, or try opening bottles with your teeth, this can cause damage to your teeth.

Most importantly, make sure you brush your teeth twice daily and floss. Always follow your dentists advise and this will help you to keep your teeth healthy and smile bright!!!! Happy brushing!!!