Do you currently struggle with a loose lower denture? Are you interested in having dental implants but worried about the surgical procedure? If the answer to these two questions is yes then mini dental implants in Kent may be the solution. Mini dental implants are merely a miniature version of a normal sized implant but as they are so small the procedure to insert them can be accomplished much more quickly and easily. There is no need for the gum to be cut open to expose the bone and consequently there’s no need for stitches. Although the gum is perforated for the implant to be inserted, the perforation is so small that the tissue lost is immediately replaced by the implant. It’s the ideal procedure for anybody who is worried about implant surgery as it minimally invasive and can easily be performed under local anaesthetic, although if required we can offer extra sedation.

Perfect for Stabilising Lower Dentures

These implants are the ideal solution for anyone who has problems with their lower denture and can greatly help to increase the stability. They are perfect for anybody who may not be suitable for normal sized implants due to a lack of bone density or mass. This type of dental implant is also cheaper than traditional implant systems and can help make this technology affordable for just about everyone. Unlike conventional implants, mini dental implants can often be loaded immediately with a temporary restoration.

The denture is held in place with special O-ring attachments that snap onto the implants. The attachments look little like a ball and socket joint and are extremely simple to use, as with a little bit of practice you should find it relatively easy to remove your denture for cleaning.

Not Just for Dentures

While this type of implant system is mainly used to stabilize dentures, mini implants are also very good at supporting crowns and even bridges. They are ideal for situations where space is extremely tight and it would be impossible to fix a conventional sized implant. Some people simply don’t have enough space for a full-size implant so utilising this system can enable them to benefit from implants and will ensure the final crowns or bridges are the correct size for the space.

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