Are you someone who actively avoids visiting your dentist in Kent? Do you know you are overdue for a check-up, but somehow just can’t force yourself to pick up the phone to book that appointment? Help is on hand, and all you have to do is ask Dr Rik Trivedi about sedation dentistry. If you are worried about taking this step, then you’ll find his eCourse in overcoming dental fear is available on the Parrock Street website. The course offers straightforward and easy to follow advice on how to relax during dental visits.

It is worth bearing in mind that the first visit will merely be a check-up, and there will be no treatment involved. Dr Trivedi, or another of our Kent dentists, will just want to examine your mouth so they can see if you have any dental problems. The dental team at Parrock Street is extremely used to helping nervous and anxious patients, and you’ll find they are non-judgemental so there is no need to worry that you will be lectured over not visiting the dentist before now.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help Particularly Nervous Patients

Parrock Dental and Implant Centre offer intravenous sedation for patients who are particularly anxious, and this is not something that you’ll find at every dentist surgery. Sedatives are administered by injection, and the amount is adjusted according to the length of treatment required. During treatment you will feel sleepy, and won’t be aware of what is happening, even though you will still be able to communicate with us. It can take a while for the full effects of the sedatives to wear off so you won’t be able to drive yourself home, and you’ll need to take it easy until the sedative has completely been eliminated from your body.

If you feel able to cope with less sedation, then Dr Trivedi can offer laughing gas to help you relax. The gas is eliminated from your body a short while after treatment is completed, so you should be able to drive yourself home.

The benefits of having sedation dentistry can be huge, and this technique has already helped many people regain their oral health, and their smile. You could have your teeth fully restored, and we can help you look after your healthy teeth and gums. If you have any missing teeth then sedation dentistry could enable you to have dental implants in Kent. All you have to do is talk to us.

If you would like to know more about sedation dentistry then you’ll find lots of information on our website at You can even sign up for our eCourse online. Alternatively give us a call on 01474 537191 to talk to our sympathetic staff.