Gum disease is already well known for being the major cause of tooth loss amongst adults in the world, but did you know it’s also being connected to rheumatoid arthritis. The connection between gum disease and other inflammatory conditions is well-established, but researchers have found that the bacteria responsible for gum disease worsened collagen induced arthritis in mice, a condition that is similar to rheumatoid arthritis in humans, increasing the progression of the disease and its severity. This is due to the fact that the bacterium prompts the production of an enzyme which in turn exacerbates collagen induced arthritis.

So what exactly is the connection between gum disease or periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis? The answer is that both are systemic diseases and both are inflammatory and can destroy soft and hard tissues. Past studies have shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to have periodontal disease, and in fact one particular study found people with rheumatoid arthritis were up to eight times more likely to have periodontal disease. Interestingly it’s also been found that treating periodontal disease can help to improve rheumatoid arthritis. People with periodontal disease are far more likely to lose teeth, and as such may be more likely to need dental implants in Kent.

If you do have rheumatoid arthritis then it’s well worth paying extra attention over your oral hygiene. Dr Rik Trivedi or any of our dentists in Kent can help you improve your oral hygiene routine, and of course it’s essential to visit our surgery twice a year. If you have any signs of gum disease then it’s important to act quickly as otherwise this condition could destroy your gum tissue and eventually the ligaments and bone surrounding your teeth. This is no real reason for anyone to develop gum disease, although it’s true that certain people are more at risk of developing this condition. It is usually caused by a lack of oral hygiene, and is something that will affect most people during their lifetime.

Even if you think you have a great oral hygiene routine it’s possible that it could benefit from having a bit of an overhaul. It’s all too easy to get into a routine that may mean you are missing certain areas of your teeth when brushing and flossing. These are all things we can help you with during your regular check-up.

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