Dr Rik Trivedi sees many patients with loose dentures, and dental implants in Kent can be a great solution to stabilise them. However some patients have worn dentures for many years, and may have seen the bony ridge that used to support teeth gradually flatten and reabsorb. This can make it quite difficult to place dental implants and may mean bone grafts are required to build up the bone in the jaw. Even though bone grafts are extremely straightforward, they do add a little more to the cost, and can extend the time required for treatment by a significant margin. Although bone grafts can be well worth the effort, they are not something that everyone is prepared to undergo. In this case one solution might be to ask Dr Rik Trivedi about mini dental implants.

Mini implants have a much smaller width than traditional implants and are much shorter, so require less healthy bone. They are ideal for situations where there’s simply not enough room, or where bone has been reabsorbed or lost to disease. Mini implants are often used to stabilise dentures, or to hold bridges and use tried and tested technology. One of the advantages of this system is that it is far less invasive than traditional implant placement. It’s still vitally important the surgery is thoroughly planned, as this will help ensure the implants are placed to give the maximum benefit and support.

Faster Placement and Healing Time

The implants are placed through the gum tissue, so the only gum that is lost is immediately replaced by the implant. This means there’s no need for stitches, and that the healing time can be far shorter. Sometimes it might even be possible to use an existing denture, and to simply add the attachments to the fitting surface, or to at least use the denture as a temporary measure while the implants are healing. Occasionally it might be possible to load the implants almost immediately with the new denture or bridge, or your dentist in Kent might decide it’s better to leave the implants to heal for a while before loading them with your new restoration. This system isn’t right for everyone, but if you do currently struggle with loose dentures, or are faced with the prospect of losing multiple teeth then you may want to find out more.

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