Perhaps your teeth and gums are in good condition and you don’t need any specialist treatments such as braces in Kent. However everyone needs to have regular check-ups with Dr Rik Trivedi or another Kent dentist, and an important part of these checks is an examination for mouth cancer. Even though mouth cancer is rare it’s often diagnosed very late in the day, meaning survival rates are not particularly good. If it’s diagnosed early enough then treatment is less invasive and much more successful. If you smoke or drink alcohol to excess you are at increased risk, but around a quarter of those diagnosed with mouth cancer each year will have no known risk factors which is why it’s so important to have regular checks.

Your dentist in Kent will be looking for signs of any changes to your oral tissues which include the insides of your cheeks, the floor and roof of your mouth and your tongue and lips. Early signs that something might be wrong include noticing changes to the colour of these tissues as they may develop red or white patches, or you might notice they feel rough or thicker than before. If you suffer from mouth ulcers then keep an eye on them and seek advice if they fail to heal within two or three weeks. It’s always better to be on the safe side and the dental team at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre are always more than willing to offer advice.

Could Dental Cavities Give Protection against Mouth Cancer? If so It’s Not an Excuse to Neglect Your Oral Health

Research into dental diseases is constantly on-going, but one study has produced surprising results as it found that people with more dental cavities may be at lower risk of being diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Experts think this is due to the bacteria present in the mouth during tooth decay as they can promote an immune response that could help protect against cancer. Researchers have pointed out that perhaps the dental caries should be thought of as being a form of collateral damage. They are hopeful that a strategy could be developed to help reduce the risk of cavities while still preserving these beneficial effects. The research is interesting but sounds somewhat controversial, and is certainly not a reason to neglect your oral health as previous studies have connected poor oral health and gum disease to an increased risk of throat cancer.

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