That is no problem, as Dr Rik Trivedi or another of our dentists in Kent will be able to make you a full or partial denture to replace your missing teeth. Full dentures are used to replace complete arches of missing teeth, and can be used for both upper and lower teeth. Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth, and they may be fabricated to have metal clasps that fit around your remaining teeth, and which are used to hold the denture firmly in position. Both types of dentures can be made from either acrylic that comes in various different gum colours, or some will have a substructure made from cobalt chrome. Cobalt chrome is used because it is a very light and strong alloy, and enables the denture to be constructed with less bulk.

Modern dentures in Kent can look very good as the plastic teeth can be placed in arrangements that look very natural. The process for making full dentures is quite complicated; your dentist in Kent will need to ensure that it gives the correct support to your facial muscles, and will take accurate measurements that will be used by the dental laboratory to fabricate your new denture, as well as very detailed impressions. A well-constructed denture can make quite a difference to your appearance, especially if you currently wear an old and ill-fitting denture that is somewhat past its sell-by date. You may notice you look more youthful than before, and that fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out due to your facial muscles receiving the proper support.

It is worth remembering that most dentures will need replacing after just a few years, although it may be possible for your dentist in Kent to adjust the fitting or to reline it to make it fit a little better. The reason why they need replacing relatively frequently is because your jawbone will change shape, and the ridge that used to support your teeth will flatten off, making retention more difficult.

It is important that you bring your denture with you to each check-up, so we can make sure it is fitting properly, and that it is not damaged in any way. A properly fitting denture will help ensure you do not lose bone more quickly than necessary, whereas an ill-fitting denture could speed up this loss by placing extra pressure on your gums.

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