If you are missing teeth or have gaps in your mouth that are making you feel self conscious or unable to smile, there is always something you can do to improve your situation. At Parrock Dental we can offer numerous treatment options to solve this problem, but by far the option that comes most highly recommended is the Dental Implant. These are the closest thing to your real tooth that can be achieved, and are very natural looking.

Dental Implants

Dr Trivedi is the Implant specialist here at Parrock Dental and has placed over 1000 since he graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons. He is very experienced in this field and has produced some amazing results, please see the link for real patient’s experiences:

You are only a few steps away from starting your journey with us, and having the smile that you are aiming for. Have a look the process below and see how easy it is to begin your journey with us at Parrock Dental:

Step 1: Initial Dental Implant Exam appointment:

At this initial appointment we discuss your wish list, the benefits of dental implant treatment and considerations. Whether it be for restoring missing teeth/gaps, improving chewing, replacing dentures and failed bridges or preventing bone loss, dental implants usually are the best long-term option for these situations. We take necessary x-rays, impressions and other data required for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Step 2: Diagnosis and treatment planning:

At this appointment X-rays and other diagnostic information is discussed and a treatment plan is formulated, discussed and approved by you. A CT scan maybe taken if necessary.

Step 3: Diagnostic preview and surgical template:

From the diagnostic information we have gathered, a surgical template is made for precise placement of dental implants in the mouth and a diagnostic preview of the final result is made and approved by you for a predictable and pleasing end result.

Step 4: Dental Implant Placement:

At this appointment we place your dental Implants and provide you with a temporary restoration based on the agreed diagnostic preview to restore your smile and function whilst your dental implants are healing.

Step 5: Final Restoration Fit:

After the dental implants have healed (usually between 3 to 6 months after placement) the final implant supported restorations (crowns, bridges or dentures) are fitted and tweaked to your satisfaction.

Step 6: Review and celebration:

At this appointment we review and verify you are happy with your new smile and celebrate your renewed confidence with chewing and smiling.