In summary

*An outstanding team

*Latest techniques used

*High-tech equipment used

*We work around you, and for you

*Quality and value, function and beauty

*Exceptional service with a smile

*Thorough examination for suitability of dental implants

*Treatment Plan and consent form explained and given

To have any dental treatment can be a daunting experience for many patients, even for those of us who don’t mind a visit to the dentist.

However when considering options for dental implants it can be a scary situation for many, the types of questions we generally hear from patients while searching for an implantologist is “Am a suitable candidate for dental implants?” “How do I know the dentist is properly trained?” “What if I can’t keep my mouth open for the procedure?” “What is the recovery period?” “What will the final result look like?”  “Will I be able to eat straight away?” these are just a few of the questions that we get asked everyday.

We believe that when deciding on the placement of implants it is very important that the patient is happy, comfortable and confident with their dentist however other factors should also play a part in the decision making, such as a practice that has a calm and relaxed atmosphere and a team who are friendly, approachable and caring.

Our Philosophy has always been one of a lifelong relationship based on friendship and trust.

“An outstanding team”

Our team has been hand selected for their enthusiasm and passion for life, people and their work. Our highly experienced nurses, receptionists and technicians are always at hand, making your dental experience truly memorable.

“Latest techniques used”

In addition to Dr Rik Trivedi’s 10 years of experience, he is currently undertaking a Diploma in Implantology from the Royal College of Surgeons. Therefore he is abreast with all the latest techniques that are being used.

“High-tech equipment used”

The Ankylos dental implant systems is used within Parrock Dental Care.

“A home from home”

We are proud to provide an environment of luxury and comfort with a feeling of being with friends. Our reception area, waiting room and treatment rooms are brand new, modern and immaculately clean with state of the art equipment and materials. They have been designed to make you feel at home.

“We work around you, and for you”

We are proud to provide an environment of luxury and comfort with a feeling of being with friends. Should you need a few minutes break during a procedure the dentist will happy for this as long as it is clinically possible at the time. We are happy to provide treatment late evenings and Saturdays thus minimizing time off work for attending appointments.

“Thorough examination for suitability of dental implants”

Before any treatment can be started, patients have to undergo a full and thorough examination to assess the suitability of the patient for the placement of dental implants. A full examination involves xrays/OPG and a full medical history being taken.

“Treatment Plan and consent form explained and given”

After a full examination has been carried out, another appointment is made for Dr Rik Trivedi and the patient to go through the proposed treatment plan. After the treatment plan is agreed and finalized a consent form will be sent to the patient, which includes any important information that was discussed in the treatment plan appointment.

“Quality and value, function and beauty”

Dr Rik Trivedi always endeavers to provide the very best esthetic work possible in order for patients to feel like their new tooth/teeth look and feel real.

There maybe instances when it is clinically necessary for a tooth to be extracted before an implant can be placed, in those situations a patient will always be given a temporary tooth/teeth before the implant appointment so at no stage is a patient left without a gap.

If you feel that dental Implants are the way forward for your new healthy smile or you would just like some further information then please do not hesitate to contact us at Parrock Dental Care on 01474 537191 and speak to one of our lovely receptionists.