You have probably read or heard about cosmetic dentistry, as more emphasis is being placed on having a perfect smile, but what exactly does the term mean, and which dental treatments are considered to be cosmetic? Cosmetic dentistry covers dental treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth. This includes the use of dental veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, white fillings and dental bridges and dental implants. However although some of these treatments may be considered to be cosmetic, they may also have a beneficial effect on your dental health.

Most Cosmetic Dental Treatments can Benefit Your Oral Health

One such example would be white fillings. These fillings are made from composite resin and can closely match the shade or colour of your existing teeth, giving more cosmetically appealing results than silver or gold coloured fillings. However these fillings can also be considered to be beneficial for your oral health, as they require less tooth structure to be removed, and are less likely to cause tooth fractures than conventional metal fillings that cannot flex with the tooth.

In contrast, dental veneers generally have a purely cosmetic value as they are used to improve the appearance of teeth that are visible when smiling, and most veneering systems require that a small amount of healthy tooth structure is removed to create sufficient room for the veneers. However dental veneers can also be beneficial for dental health as they can be used to repair teeth that have been damaged or chipped, or which have small areas of decay. In this instance they can help to preserve the maximum amount of remaining tooth structure.

Dental crowns can give a cosmetically pleasing appearance, but are primarily used to restore teeth that have been substantially damaged or decayed to full function. In this case, although they may have a cosmetic effect, they also help to conserve the remaining tooth structure. All-ceramic crowns will give the most cosmetically pleasing results.

Dental bridges or implants are used to replace missing teeth. Although the effect may be more cosmetically appealing, replacing missing teeth is important for the health of the remaining teeth, as otherwise these will move into the gaps, creating additional oral health problems.

Orthodontic treatment is provided by our orthodontist in Kent is often through of as being a cosmetic dental treatment, but can significantly improve oral health. A brace fitted by Dr Rik Trivedi or another of our dentists here at Parrock Street will give you a straighter smile that is much easier to keep clean.

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