Congratulations to Rik Trivedi at Parrock Dental & Implant Centre for Passing the prestigious masters level Diploma in Implant dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons London and being awarded the qualification DipImpDent Rcs (Lon)

Dental Implants are now considered to be THE best solution to replacing single , multiple or whole jaw missing teeth. They are now consider far superior to dentures and bridges which are older technologies prone to big problems at some time. The main problems with dentures being looseness, pain, discomfort, shrinking face and loss of confidence. Bridges involve grinding healthy teeth and later can results in problems with these teeth resulting in loss of bridges and large gaps affecting appearance, chewing and confidence.

Rik is one of only a few in the country who has passed this gruelling 2 year qualification deemed by some as the highest training standard in Implant dentistry in the country.

What does this mean for you?

Rik has been placing dental implants for over 12 years and is now recognised as being amongst the elite dentists in the country offering the best quality, skill and safety and overall satisfaction in dental Implant treatments. Along with advanced facilities including a dedicated surgical suite and Ct scanner Parrock Dental is considered one of the best dental practices to provide dental implant treatment in Kent and the U.K.

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Parrock Dental Team