Looking for an Orthodontist in Kent? You may want to consider a Cosmetic Orthodontic Dentist instead. Halitosis is simply a term for constant bad breath. Everyone experiences bad breath at one point or another. Most people have bad breath in the mornings, because bacteria have accumulated in their mouths for several hours while they slept. This type of bad breath is temporary and can be easily removed through a simple tooth brushing. Chronic halitosis on the other hand can have several causes.

Constant bad breath can originate from other parts of the body besides the mouth, but the most common causes are dental problems. As bacteria grow on the food particles left in the mouth, they release wastes that smell bad. This is where bad breath comes from, especially if some food particles are left behind after brushing and flossing. Maintaining plaque-free teeth through regular dental visits and proper brushing habits can help prevent the development of constant bad breath.

Patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, whether it is fixed braces or clear aligners, should also take special care to clean their teeth regularly to avoid food particles getting trapped and causing plaque build-up and bad breath. Regular brushing and flossing should help with this.

Another common cause of halitosis is dry mouth, which can be created by certain medications and other medical problems. Holding water in the mouth and using a non-alcohol based mouthwash can help alleviate dry mouth. If the patient has a problem with their tonsils, it may also cause problems with their breath. This is also true of sinus problems. The use of tobacco products allows bacteria to grow in the mouth at a faster rate, which can also contribute to chronic bad breath. Sometimes, halitosis can be caused by a serious underlying medical problem, such as kidney failure, bronchitis or pneumonia. If this is the cause, the underlying medical problem will have to be fixed before the symptoms associated with bad breath will go away.

Most of the time, halitosis can be cured through regular dental checkups and good brushing and flossing habits. If you have questions about bad breath or how to keep your teeth clean while you wear braces come and see Dr Rik Trivedi BDS and the other dentists at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. For more information on orthodontics in Gravesend, Kent you can call 01474 537191.

In addition to regular cleanings that can help prevent the build-up of odour causing plaque, the Parrock Dental and Implant Centre can also help treat chronic dental problems such as halitosis.