Opting to have braces in Kent is just one way you can improve your smile, and orthodontic treatment can be a very effect part of a smile makeover. However Parrock Street has many other dental treatments that may help. These may be more appropriate if your teeth are generally quite straight and if you do not have any real problems with the way your teeth bite together.

Veneers Can Hide Minor Imperfections and Stains

Veneers are the perfect treatment if you have slight imperfections in your teeth, but really don’t have any major problems. The beauty of veneers is that you only need to have a tiny amount of your tooth removed as the veneers are extremely thin. They are great if you are unhappy with the shape of your teeth, or even the size. They can hide small chips or cracks, and are excellent at helping to block out the natural colour of your teeth.

Fluorosis is a condition caused by exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride while the teeth are still developing, and can create a white, lacy effect on the teeth. However extensive overexposure can create more significant brown stains that generally do not respond well to tooth whitening. Veneers are ideal for masking these stains that are otherwise perfectly harmless.

Having Your Teeth Recontoured Through Dental Bonding

This is great if you are generally happy with your teeth, and don’t want to do anything too excessive. Dental bonding is where the composite resin used for white fillings is applied to your teeth and shaped to give them a more pleasing contour. This treatment is fast and cost-effective, and can make quite a difference.

Replacing Your Old Fillings

You may still have older style amalgam fillings in your mouth, or perhaps you have some old white fillings that have become discoloured. Replacing these with new white fillings can refresh your smile, and is very affordable. This is a great option to consider if your old fillings are nearing the end of their life.

All of the above treatments can be used in conjunction with our home teeth whitening system, so you can significantly improve the look of your teeth within as little as two weeks. Why not make an appointment with Dr Rik Trivedi or another of our dentists here in Kent to find out more? Filling in our enquiry form online at www.parrockdental.co.uk allows you to request a call-back at a time convenient to you, or you can reach us on 01474 537191.