The truth is that regular dental checkups are inexpensive, especially when compared to the dental visits that are required to fix serious dental issues. Therefore, it is far more cost effective to visit the dentist on a regular schedule than it is to wait until dental work needs to be done. Dental problems are most often the result of poor dental hygiene habits and a lack of regular cleanings by a dentist and can often be avoided.

Many habits that last a lifetime begin during childhood. These habits can include drinking sugary liquids before bedtime and thumb sucking. Such habits can lead to early tooth decay and deformations of the jawbone, both of which can be expensive to repair down the road. Adults have bad habits that contribute to their dental problems as well. These habits can include chewing on objects, smoking cigarettes, not properly brushing the teeth, not flossing every day and grinding the teeth.

All of these things reduce the tooth’s protective enamel coating and promote bacterial growth, which can lead to the development of dental problems. Some of these dental problems can include gingivitis, periodontist and tooth decay. If these problems are not treated right away they can lead to tooth loss, deformities of the jaws and soft tissues of the face and other potentially serious health problems. For example, bacteria in the mouth that results from a dental problem could end up being carried by the bloodstream to the heart, which increases the chances of developing heart disease.

The good news is that modern dental methods can repair many of these serious dental problems and restore the health of the patient. In cases of long term thumb sucking, patients may need to undergo orthodontic treatment to correct their bite and align their teeth. Thanks to modern orthodontics, treatments are less invasive, work in a shorter period of time and are less expensive.

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