Autumn is well underway and the days are getting chillier and shorter. There’s little doubt that the great summer this year made most of us feel a lot better, but if falling temperatures are beginning to take their toll on your skin, you may be interested in ways of giving your face a bit of a boost. One way to do this is to tackle those early signs of wrinkles through having Botox in Kent.

Contrary to belief, Botox will not paralyse your facial muscles, so you will still be able to smile. Botox is derived from botulinum toxin which is a purified bacterial serum that works by weakening the action of facial muscles. Dr Rik Trivedi will identify specific areas of your face which could benefit from this treatment, and it is most effective at helping to diminish frown lines on your four head, and for softening crow’s feet.

It’s very safe and treatment is extremely quick as the injections can be administered within a matter of a few minutes. It takes a while for the full effects to show, so if you are planning to have Botox for a special event then it’s best to have it a week or so beforehand. Most people find the results typically last up to four months, but of course this can vary from person to person.

D. Trivedi will only recommend this treatment if he thinks it will help your fine lines and wrinkles. It may not be right for everybody, as for instance some people may benefit more from having dermal fillers, or even from having a combination of the two treatments. Millions of people have already benefited from Botox treatment, and provided it’s not overused the results can look extremely natural. You’ll find Dr Trivedi uses the minimum amount possible to give the best aesthetic results while ensuring you retain facial movement.

If you’d like to see examples of real patients who have had this treatment, then it’s well worth taking a look at the Parrock Street website at which has lots of before and after photographs. You’ll also find lots more information about Botox, and you can even download Dr Trivedi’s free eGuide which is entitled “The Ultimate Guide to a Youthful Face with the Facial Aesthetics.” This guide will take you through all the options available for slowing down the signs of aging. Ready to book your consultation? You can contact us on 01474 537191.