Yes we know we offer lots of different treatments including Botox in Kent, and full arch restorations using dental implants. But we also offer lots of other restorative dental treatments including things as basic as dental fillings.

Dental fillings are extremely important in helping to preserve teeth that have undergone some sort of trauma, or which have lost structure due to tooth decay. The filling can replace the lost tooth structure, restoring the tooth to full function, but it also has a protective effect. The filling is designed to seal up the exposed parts of the tooth protecting it from bacterial attack that could lead to it becoming infected or even more decayed. Without dental fillings a tooth could just continue to decay and would eventually become severely infected, and may even require root canal therapy. In a worst-case the tooth may need extraction.

We Offer Several Different Types of Fillings

We do offer several different types of fillings, but most people will opt for tooth coloured composite resin fillings. These are designed to closely match the rest of your tooth, and a skilled dentist in Kent can even use several different colours of resin that is gradually applied to the tooth in small increments creating a custom made and beautiful filling that will look exactly like your natural tooth or even a little better. Composite resin is suitable for replacing quite large areas of tooth decay as it is really pretty strong. However there might be occasions where too much tooth material has been lost to place a conventional filling.

In this case Dr Rik Trivedi may suggest you have a CEREC filling, something that may also be called an inlay or onlay. An inlay is used to replace the central portion of a back tooth, whereas an onlay will replace this portion plus one or more of the tooth cusps. The cusps are the points of the tooth that are located on the inner and outer edges and which stick up more than the central part of the tooth.

CEREC fillings are quite different from normal fillings as they are constructed from a single block of porcelain material. The porcelain is milled in a special machine at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. This is done using computerised technology so the final result is a precision made filling that will closely match your natural tooth and which is very strong.

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