Here at Parrock Street we like to hear your feedback on your experience with us. We do try our best to offer excellent service and make all patients feel very welcome and at ease. We have a great deal of people that are absolutely petrified of coming to the dentist but we do hope that we help you conquer that fear. Here is a story that hopefully will help you too change your opinion of coming to the Dentist. We’ve recently surveyed a few people and asked them a few questions on our service and experience here at Parrock Street.    Here is a story that we hope will help you. A patient came in earlier this year and was petrified of the dentist. After her first experience here we gave her a survey to fill out and this is what she had to say. 1. What was your previous experience about Dentistry before you came to Parrock Street? I was a very nervous patient, I didn’t even like sitting in the chair. The Dental Practise I used to go to wasn’t good.

I never felt comfortable around the Dentist and they didn’t ever seem to want to help me. 2. What were your feelings about Dental treatment in the past? How scared were you on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being completely petrified? It has to be 10 3. How do we compare with regards to the skills we offer, compared to your old dentist? Excellent. Dr Trivedi made me feel very welcome. Him and his staff are very friendly. The work that I have had done so far has been excellent and I am so pleased with the results and I haven’t even finished my treatment yet. 4. How did I (Rik) make you feel about dentistry when I was treating you? I feel absolutely fine. I don’t feel at all scared of coming to the Dentist anymore. Infact I look forward to come to see the team and Rik. 5. What were the main benefits about coming to see us as opposed to a different Dental Practise? Your website looks amazing, that was the first thing that drew me to coming to the practice that was before I even came. Its very clean and modern. And all staff are so welcoming and friendly. 6. How do you feel about Dentistry and your teeth now compared to how you used to feel when you first started coming to see us? I feel brilliant!!! Rik actually wants to look after my Teeth which I’m not used to. He gives you time and doesn’t rush anything, where as other dentists I’ve experienced its a quick in and out with no talking. Its the complete opposite here so I recommend it to anyone who is very nervous and would like care taken of there teeth.