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Dentalphobia is a common condition and one with which we at Parrock Dental are particularly good at dealing. We understand that coming to the dentist can be stressful and even frightening, but our staff are trained to help you ease your anxiety and get the most from your visit.

Our Solution

If you are particularly concerned about a procedure, we can offer intravenous (IV). Although both techniques are very safe and extremely effective, IVs can temporarily inhibit your ability to drive, use machinery or drink alcohol, so your practitioner will advise you of your options based on your individual requirements

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Please rest assured that dentalphobia can be overcome and that we are here to help you do exactly that. If you are feeling at all nervous about a procedure or even a checkup, call us today to speak to a member of our very caring and friendly team.

Just sit back and relax….

The treatment of dentalphobia isn’t limited to the type of sedation used. In order to help you get the most from your appointment, you need to be as relaxed as possible from the moment you walk through the door. That’s why we at Parrock Dental have put in place a range of measures to help you feel at ease when you visit us, including:

Nervous Patient Kent

In chair DVD glasses

Nervous Patient Kent

Specially trained staff

Nervous Patient Kent

Comfortable & homely surroundings

Nervous Patient Kent

Topical gels & pain free treatment techniques

When you visit Parrock Dental…

We want to make sure that you’ll be glad you chose Parrock Dental, that’s why we make all our new patients feel just as at home here as those patients who have been with us for years. We do this by ensuring that your first visits tell you everything you need to know about us and the practice:

On your introductory visit you’ll

  • Receive a personalised introduction and practice tour
  • Have a chat with staff to find out your treatment preferences etc
  • Discuss treatment options and get the chance to ask questions
  • View our full smile gallery to see just what we can do for you

At your first appointment you’ll

  • Have a ‘new patient’ examination and introduction meeting with your clinician
  • Create a treatment ‘wish list’
  • Give a full medical history
  • Set out a plan for future treatments

If you have any additional questions at any stage of your introduction or afterwards, you can always call the team 01474 537191

Nervous Patients Testimonials

Missing and broken teeth, over 20 years as a dental phobic – Liam

Nervous Patients Testimonial Dental Implant

Dental Implant

Name: Liam

Age: 22

Occupation: Unknown

Problem: Missing and broken teeth,over 20 years as a dental phobic, with pain, no confidence and unable to chew

Treatment: Same day Dental Implant Fixed teeth for instant pain free smile, chewing and confidence

Treatment period: 4 months

“ I had a mouthful of broken teeth. I was very nervous about seeing the dentists and having treatment. I knew I needed all my teeth removed at a young age. After one visit with Rik I felt comfortable and relaxed. I knew I didn’t need to be sedated as I was in safe hands. I had the teeth taken out, the implants placed and given fixed bridgework in approximately a couple of hours. I didn’t feel a thing from the beginning to the end and even after. I took only one pain killer as a precaution but didn’t need any more. The treatment has changed my life. I can smile I can eat and I feel so confident it has simply changed my life and I can’t thank my dentist for referring me, Rik and Parrock Dental enough. ”

Faling and loose front teeth – Beverley


Name: Beverley

Age: 52

Occupation: Secretary

Problem: Failed crowns and very loose front teeth

Treatment: Dental Implant bridge

Treatment period: 4 months

Beverley visited Parrock Dental looking to improve the appearance and chewing of her failing and very loose top front crowns. She was very unhappy with the look of her smile as her gums were receding and the crowns were becoming noticeable so She would not smile and spoke to people covering her mouth.  She opted to have dental implants retained bridge on her upper front 4 teeth and was overjoyed with the results. She would definitely recommend having dental implant treatment to others.

“I had a very good feeling here, the girls are like family, always warm and caring. Rik is so lovely and he has changed my life!! I trust him with my treatment, and if you have any fear it is left at the door… Parrock Dental are the best!”

Nervous Patients Testimonials – Braces



Name: SB

Age: 25

Occupation: Property developer

Problem: Severe Crowded Lower Teeth causing gum disease

Treatment: Clear fixed braces

Treatment period: 6 months

“ I was recommended to come here by my wife, I was really happy with the service, it is a very pleasant place to be. Rik was very friendly, he talked me through all the steps and what would happen in regards to my treatment. I felt very confident. Everyone I know has seen my new smile and said it’s made an amazing difference to my confidence. I used to smile with closed lips and now I smile a full smile! I am very pleased with the overall service I received with the service I received at Parrock dental! ”