A Perfect Smile

A New Smile and Confidence Mini Makeover

Research shows that a beautiful smile can make a person more attractive to others, feel more confident and be more successful in life.

A smile releases endorphins in your body which makes you feel happier and healthier within. This also makes you feel more self-confident and this is reflected in all your relationships. People may find you friendlier and easier to talk to enabling you to be more successful in your career and in your relationships.

At Parrock Dental and Implant Centre we believe having a beautiful healthy smile and mouth is vital to your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. We understand that some people are not completely happy with their smile. This can then have a knock-on effect on lowering their confidence which will adversely affect their relationships, their career and their social life.

We frequently hear stories from our patients:

” …I don’t like having photos taken. I hate smiling and showing my teeth, so I don’t show my teeth if I have to have them taken like on holiday or at weddings. My friends say I look sad or grumpy which makes me upset.”

“My children make me very conscious about my smile. They keep asking why I have gaps in my mouth and why is one of my teeth black. It makes me very paranoid and I feel self-conscious all the time.”

“I recently didn’t apply for a job I really wanted as I knew it involved dealing directly with the public and doing presentations. At the moment I work in an office where I don’t have to show my teeth and talk to people. I have no confidence so I could never do that job”

At Parrock Dental and Implant Centre we spend the majority of our time improving our patient’s smiles and improving their confidence.

When people ask Dr. Rik Trivedi what he does for a living he often replies ” Some people call me a dentist. What I actually do is improve peoples’ confidence by improving their smiles”

This is reflected in our Practice Mission Statement:

“Our philosophy is for our patients to achieve optimum health, look good and feel great about their teeth and smile. We strive to provide our services in an environment of luxury and state of the art technology based on a relationship of long-term trust and friendship”

We cover the full range of modern advanced techniques to improve your smile and confidence. Please view the options below:

1. Mini Makeover: Teeth Whitening and White Fillings

2. Smile Makeover

3. Dental Implants

4. Orthodontics

Mini Make-Over: Teeth Whitening and white fillings

This is the perfect choice for patients who are happy with the shape and position of their teeth but would like the colour of the teeth to be whiter. If you are not happy with the shape and position of your teeth you should consider one of our other options. It is important to note that the colour of existing crowns, bridges, veneers and fillings at the front of the mouth will not change with teeth whitening. Usually after the desired colour of the teeth is reached these may need to be changed to match the new colour of your new smile.

White fillings can be used to level the edges of the worn teeth after whitening to give that perfect smile look usually requiring no injections.

Teeth whitening enables you to improve your smile dramatically and simply giving you a WOW smile very quickly. It enables your teeth to get gradually whiter and is ceased when you are happy with the new colour of your smile.

There are several methods of teeth whitening. The most tried, tested, safe, simple and predictable, cost-effective and best is the one favoured by Parrock Dental & Implant Centre . Take-Home Whitening. A custom tray is made to fit comfortably in only your mouth after taking simple and quick impressions. It is the special design and manufacture of the trays which ensures our patients always get their desired result.

A special gel is placed in the tray which is then placed over the teeth and kept in place for variable times. If you have a sensitive gag reflex it can be kept in for just 20 minutes to a few hours. Most patients are advised to wear their trays over night until the desired result is achieved.

You can expect to see a big difference after 2-3 days with your teeth appearing healthy and white after 5-7 days. Patients who want a stunning white smile should continue whitening for approximately 2 weeks

The colour of the teeth can be checked with the shade guide provided to see what the original colour was, the colour at present and the desired colour. A good way to achieve healthy white teeth is to match the colour of your teeth with the whites of your eyes. For stunning white teeth aim to go beyond the colour of the whites in your eyes.

We expect all our patients to get the result the desire as long as they follow a few rules below:

1. You must follow our dentists’ advice

2. You are consistent, continuing your whitening night after night ( or in the day ) until your desired result id achieved.

3. You place enough of the gel in the tray ( you should see the gel smeared against the teeth inside the tray )

4. You are not yellowing whilst you are whitening your teeth. i.e you avoid food and drink with excessive colour especially tea, coffee, red wine and curry etc. whilst you are whitening. Otherwise you are counter-acting the whitening process. Purist would advise maintaining a white diet during whitening for the best and quickest result.

You can expect your teeth to maintain their colour for approximately 2-4 years. However if you maintain a normal diet with tea, coffee and other coloured foods these will inevitably discolour your teeth over time. A simple way to maintain your result long-term is to top up the whitening procedure either 1 or 2 nights every 3-5 months if you notice some yellowing of your smile. We suggest you purchase some extra whitening syringes and store them in the fridge for top-ups when required. We also recommend you attend the practice every 3 months for a hygiene clean to remove superficial staining and deposits to maintain your lovely new smile all year round.


Teeth whitening is a simple and safe procedure. We only advise against this procedure if you are pregnant or breast feeding. One side effect during the teeth whitening procedure is teeth sensitivity. This effects patients to varying degrees. It is normal, and is present only during the whitening process and subsides soon after it is stopped. Your dentist will give you some simple advice to reduce the sensitivity whilst you get your desired result.

BEFORE                                                                                                                                                         AFTERS.Basra after

S.Basra before 1

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