Many of our patients at Parrock dental see our hygienist every three months to optimise stain, bacteria and deposit removal which cause gum disease, bad breath and yellow teeth.

healthiest mouths

Our findings have shown that patients who see the dentist for examinations every 6 months and the hygienist every three months have the healthiest gums and teeth and require the least dental treatment over the years due to decay, gum issues and broken teeth.

Long term this frequency means less tooth loss, gaps, loose teeth, oral lesions, pain, bad breath and irreversible gum disease.

Recently at a routine examination appointment, we spotted an advanced oral cancer in one of our patient’s mouth which was referred and treated promptly. Because of early diagnosis our patient has recovered well.

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Invest in long-term health by seeing us regularly for your dental health checks and hygiene treatment. Healthy teeth and gums means a life long smile!

What will the hygienist do?

Our hygienist will work closely with you to help you achieve optimum gum health with the added benefit of a cleaner, whiter and brighter smile.

The latest technologies in dentistry allow the hygienist to map your current gum health and with our dental software, comprehensively plan your gum therapy.

Our goal during your treatment with our hygienist is to obliterate and remove the toxins and bacteria that build up in the mouth and enter the bloodstream and promote the re-oxygenation of the tissues.

We are confident that you will enjoy the benefits of a brighter, refreshed and revitalised smile! Book Now

Don’t forget to ask about our sparkle smile service that removes teeth staining, and enjoy a whiter and brighter 2016!