It’s true, as you’ll find we can take care of just about all your dental needs in one very convenient location.

One of our most popular treatments is white fillings, as most people have at least one filling, and they do need renewing every few years. Every time you visit Parrock Street for a check-up, your fillings will be assessed to make sure they are not leaking, and that they do not need replacing. This is one of the reasons as to why we will want to take dental x-rays every so often, as they can show any fillings in greater detail, helping us to identify any defects.

White fillings are made from composite resin and can be placed by Dr Rik Trivedi or another of our Kent dentists, and they only take a short while to complete. The colour of the composite is closely matched to your tooth colour, and your Kent dentist may combine several shades to get a more exact match. The material is placed in small increments before it is hardened with a light. If your filling is particularly large then it may be removed to be hardened with the special light before it can be bonded to your tooth. These types of fillings will last for several years, but they can get stained. Although they can replace quite large areas of tooth decay, sometimes you may need a different type of filling.

CEREC Inlays and Onlays

In this case our dentists may suggest you have a CEREC filing. This is either an inlay or onlay depending on the size and location of the filing, and it is milled from a single piece of porcelain. Your filling is designed by our dentists using special software, before the information is transmitted to the milling machine so your new restoration can be constructed. A CEREC filling will be very strong and resistant to staining, and gives you all the benefits of a laboratory made inlay or onlay without the wait. It is something we will almost certainly recommend, if we think you are suitable.

So now you know we do far more than just dental implants in Kent. Do you have some fillings that are aging or stained, or perhaps you have older style amalgam fillings that are marring your smile? If so then why not give us a call on 01474 537191 to book an appointment? You’ll also find lots more information on the many different treatments we offer on our website at