If you are interested in straightening your teeth you may have already done some preliminary research online. If so you will have quickly discovered exactly how many orthodontic systems are on the market, and the choice might seem bewildering. It is true that there are a lot of different braces in Kent, as they can be fixed or removable, invisible or visible, while some will concentrate on cosmetic results others are interested in improving your overall bite. So where do you start? The answer is by making an appointment to come and see Dr Rik Trivedi, or another of our Kent dentists.

Parrock Dental and Implant Centre offer patients the choice of quite a few orthodontic systems, as one size does not fit all. Our dentists have the necessary expertise to guide you in your choice of brace, depending on your orthodontic problems. Most people will want to opt for removable braces as these are discreet and easy to keep clean, but there are still occasions when it may be better to choose fixed braces. Modern fixed braces are much less visible than you think, as many use clear brackets and very thin wires or wires that are tooth coloured. Another advantage of fixed braces is that they are working twenty four hours a day, so treatment may well be a bit quicker than with removable braces.

Even so, not everyone will need to move all their teeth, and some may just want their front teeth corrected so they look more cosmetically pleasing. We also offer braces especially designed for this purpose, and some can produce excellent results within just a few weeks. This is a good solution for anyone who has just a few minor imperfections in way their teeth meet together, and is a healthy alternative to dental veneers. Treatment can also be relatively cheap in comparison with other braces that aim to move more teeth.

If you want to learn more about orthodontics then it is well worth booking a consultation to find out more. Because we offer several different systems, you know you will get the brace that is right for you, rather than having to make do with just one particular brace.

You can read more about all the different braces offered by taking a look at our website on www.parrockdental.co.uk. If you would like to book a consultation then you can give us a call on 01474 537191, or if you find it more convenient you can email us on info@parrockdental.co.uk.